Erik Ableson 1 minute read
June 9, 2008

Conflicting demands

On a side note to all of my nattering about the WWDC Keynote coming up in a few moments, I thought that I'd point out to those of you that are reading from anglophone countries that this event coincides with the Euro 2008 France-Romania game (The first French game).

The tension is high on all fronts as I'm underneath a TV in the café while waiting for the next train and all eyes in front of me are glued to the game in progress as I mull over the latest info coming in from and NetNewsWire.

I just hope that the battery on my MacBook Pro and my Bluetooth internet connection are up to the train ride home. But I'll catch the Keynote podcast on the train ride in tomorrow morning. Good and early since there's a strike tomorrow that means I have to catch the early train.

If only I had an iPhone with 3G I could follow the match live at the same time, but EDGE just isn't up to live streaming video.