Erik Ableson 2 minute read
May 15, 2008

Cool LaunchBar feature

I use LaunchBar as my primary application launcher on my daily machine and have been a happy customer for ages. There's a ton of subtle intelligence built into the application that often goes undiscovered until you type something by mistake

Up until today I've always launched NetNewsWire with my customary Control-Space, followed by 'netn' which works just fine. I was in the middle of typing a note about NetNewsWire with a colleague and had started abbreviated it as NNW and by chance I fired up LaunchBar and muscle memory fired off 'nnw' and it pulled NetNewsWire up to the top of the list!

Very cool. It would appear that in addition to the basic text string of the name of the application it also does some additional smart indexing based on capitalized letters, hence the efficiency of the 'nnw' shortcut. It also seems to index individual word elements, subdivided by the presence of capital letters in the names, so 'og' or 'graf' both get me to OmniGraffle in record time.

This is of course part of the ongoing effort to optimize all of those little daily repetitive actions and save a little more time here and there (so I have the extra moment to blog about it...)