Erik Ableson 2 minute read
November 3, 2017

Storage Field Day 14 coming up

I'm looking forward to the next iteration of which is coming up quickly next week. For a change, this trip is going to be linked to the CommVault Go event as well.

The final lineup is a little heavy on EMC (excuse me, Dell|EMC), but their portfolio is so incredibly wide that there is always something new and interesting to see and learn. At the moment the actual products to be discussed remain a mystery with the presentations defined as :

  • High-end systems

  • Midrange systems

  • Data Protection

This covers a lot of potential ground between All-Flash VMAX systems to Compellent, with lots of products in between. Although I'm not sure if they are positioning Compellent in the midrange anymore or if that has been redefined as entry-level. Amazing how that cutting-edge technology has been absorbed by the marketplace and become completely normal.

Isilon, ScaleIO and Unity (VNX for those following at home) presented at the last Storage Field Day, so I don't expect to see them this time, but they might have some interesting technical niches that we didn't have time for, so anything is possible.

On the Data Protection front, I'm hoping we'll get a deep dive on the latest version of RecoverPoint which seems to be maturing into a very powerful toolkit that goes beyond backups.

E8 Storage is one of those companies pushing the performance envelope with rack-scale NVMe solutions. I haven't yet had an opportunity to dig into their portfolio so this should be interesting.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what Scality has to show off from the world of distributed object storage. I remember being fascinated by one of their earlier Storage Field Day presentations explaining the architecture and being very impressed by the elegance of the design. Another interesting thing about Scality is their European presence and specifically a number of very high profile clients in France.

So it's time to set some reminders in your calendar if you want to follow along live with the presentations next week...