Whither the Mac Mini?

Whither the Mac Mini ? I’ve been a fan of the Mac Mini for ages now and with the ability to run (albeit unsupported) VMware ESXi makes it a wonderfully useful method for hosting multiple virtual machines...

May 7, 2014

Mac Mini Hosting

Backstory Up until now, I’ve been handling my own hosting via my home DSL service for a number of years now, with a few VPS instances and Squarespace service for some other web sites. One key component is my...

Feb 25, 2014

Mac Mini Hosting (step by step)

Basic ESXi configuration For this you’ll need a windows machine to run the VI-Client (although you can do most of it from the command line, this will be much easier via the client if you’re just starting with...

Feb 25, 2014

Mac Mini Hosting (ZFS loopback)

ZFS I’ve been a fan of ZFS storage for a while now and I find it particularly useful in this type of standalone environment. One of my constant preoccupations (personally and professionally) is data protection...

Feb 25, 2014

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