TV Fantasy League

I’ve been following many various discussions around the current state of affairs of the AppleTV and the future of media in its various forms, particularly around the TV experience. The most recent deep...

Aug 8, 2013

Managing Thin Provisioning

This question has come to me via a number of different channels over the last few days. Thin provisioning is a really nice feature to give yourself some additional flexibility in managing storage usage. But...

Jun 27, 2013

Restoring Open Directory from Time Machine on Mountain Lion

I just ran across an ugly situation where my Open Directory account went bad and was refusing to login to any services. I was seeing these repeated errors in the System log :

Jun 20 18:40:51...

Jun 20, 2013

Mac Pro 2013 Storage

There’s been a lot of talk about the new Mac Pro just announced at WWDC 2013 and I’m really liking what I see even if I have no real use for anything with that kind of horsepower. But as usual, when Apple...

Jun 13, 2013

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