Disabled menu items brouhaha

There's a little tempest brewing in the teapot containing the cream of various developer communities. Joel Spolsky of Joel on Development is an immensely respected developer with whom I agree practically all of...

Jul 2, 2008

RE: the Revolutionary Apple Wireless Touchboard Concept - AppleMatters

_Behold, the Revolutionary Apple Wireless Touchboard Concept - AppleMatters: "Therefore, it is my earnest desire that Apple does away with the mouse completely and replaces it with a keyboard...

Jul 2, 2008

Overanalysis of iPhone total cost vs initial price etc.

There's been a lot of ink, digital and physical, used up discussing the various ways that you can analyse how much the iPhone is going to cost you. I think that at some level we're all barking up the wrong...

Jul 1, 2008

iPhone GPS project ideas

OK - I don't have the time or the technical chops to develop mapping based tools, but here's a few application ideas that could be interesting. I'm sure there are other folks with these ideas, and there's...

Jun 27, 2008

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