WWDC - under the radar: Snow Leopard Server

Following up my Snow Leopard client article, here's a rundown of the changes expected in the upcoming server release. We've seen that Apple has already pushed the desktop environment to it's logical conclusion...

Jun 13, 2008

VMware Site Recovery Manager Integration

I've been going over the Site Recovery Manager documentation and there seems to be one missing piece: an easy to find directory of the Site Recovery Adapter (SRA) themselves.
The SRA is a component...

Jun 10, 2008

Conflicting demands

On a side note to all of my nattering about the WWDC Keynote coming up in a few moments, I thought that I'd point out to those of you that are reading from anglophone countries that this event coincides with...

Jun 9, 2008

Musings on the App Store (pre-keynote)

Sometime later today, Steve will be unveiling the best and worst kept secret coming out of Apple this year with the second generation iPhone. I was in the midst of preparing an outline of my ideas and comments...

Jun 9, 2008

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