Back to backups (yet again)

In the world of information technology, nothing is static and lasts forever, especially best practices. I’ve been pointing out to clients for a while now that backups need to be rethought in terms of the “jobs...

Mar 3, 2015

Datacenter SSDs cross over the price/Gb Barrier

This is a bit of a head scratcher. Samsung’s latest datacenter SSD lineup is now in the same price range as comparable enterprise SAS drives. According to the documentation, the high endurance models are good...

Mar 3, 2015

The Cellular Hub

There has been an upsurge in articles and discussions around the wearable market in recent weeks after the Apple Watch announcement. Some of the best thinking has come from Ben Thompson over at Stratechery,...

Sep 30, 2014

Understanding the impact of scale-out storage

Scale-out has the ability to change everything In the software-only space solutions like Datacore and Nexenta are really quite good (I have used and deployed both) and I still recommend them for customers that...

Aug 14, 2014

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