Welcome to the new site

Well, after a number of years over on SquareSpace, I’m switching over to Statamic on my own server for a bit of a change. I was quite happy with the SquareSpace setup for a long time since it was a pretty much hands-off environment that required pretty much no administrative work at all. But since it was old and running on the SquareSpace 5 platform, moving to 6 was going to require a complete rebuild and migration anyway, so I’m taking the opportunity to try out something different, and get having a basis for testing out local log analytics and moving away from the dependency (and privacy invasiveness) of third party analytics.

The other detail of the new site was bringing online a bit more French content which has been been on the back burner for a long time.

Happily worked with Robin of Solaris Designs for the migration.

My little place on the web

In the interests of supporting the open web, I’m focussing on putting up my stuff here instead of any of the myriad platforms available today. The current version of the website will also be able to host some bilingual content since I’m trying to get some of the interesting things I work on more visibility in the French market.

I only post where I think that I have something unique and interesting to add the conversation, so don’t bother looking here for news. For trivia and more current stuff, I’m on Twitter at @eableson and more rarely, @infrageeks.

Topics of interest here are all about IT in general, with a focus on infrastructure and storage as well as Apple and it’s ecosystem. Occasional forays into politics may happen.